Additional services for your needs

We offer other services to solve your problems, because individual projects require solutions to individual problems.

Writing custom scripts

Writing a script for your task

Writing a Telegram bot

Creating a Telegram Bot for your task

Backup setup

Setting up backup on your server

Creating a theme for Wordpress

Creating a custom theme for your Wordpress site

Process automation

Automate tasks on your server

Server Optimization

Server and software optimization (mysql, nginx, apache, php...)

Website update for new PHP version
Server data and settings transfer

Transferring all data and settings from one server to another

Removing viruses on the server

Removing viruses on the server and restoring its performance

Software installation

Installing software on your server (nginx, apache, mysql, php, postgresql, Bind, Dovecot, exim, vpn, nodejs, python...)

Installing and configuring the control panel

Installing and configuring the control panel on your server

Firewall settings

Firewall setup on your server (iptables, csf, apf)

Setting up server monitoring

Setting up a monitoring system for your server (Nagios, Netdata, Zabbix...)

Version control system installation

Installing a version control system on your server (Gitea, GitLab...)

Setting up corporate mail

Setting up corporate mail on your business server

VPN setup

Installing and configuring VPN on your server